Dear Reader,

It is not sexist or woman-bashing to correct a woman for her behaviour or conduct, but it is sexist to tell a man who is correcting a woman that his attitude of correction is a product of coombrain, pornography and big coom. We as siblings in Christ must be open to correction.

We must correct each other, regardless of gender, and both genders are held to the same standard (In Christ), but what makes a good man is not identical to what makes a good woman. And no, this is not an excuse for men whoring about: it is immoral on both sides.

Let’s not pretend men and women are identical: you cannot blame men for women’s looseness, or women for men’s weakness. We are both to blame, we are all fallen. We must correct with love and offer forgiveness.

Women create division in men and vice versa, that is how competition works, and that is why Husbands must correct their wives, and vice versa, and single men and women must correct each other: otherwise quickly we are all divided and against each other.

In John 8:1-11, Jesus does not simply refuse to judge and then tell the woman caught in adultery to carry on with her life: he says “Neither do I condemn you: go and sin no more.” He shows great mercy, and also accurate judgement; she committed sin and is forgiven, do it no more.

Drama divides people and pits them against each other, and I’m not interested, nor here for that. I am here to learn from fellow Orthodox Brothers and Sisters, and support and offer them fellowship in their Christian life.


To the Reader:
Have a Blessed day and may God Bless you and your Family.


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