Dear Reader,

In my second year of studying Philosophy at a BA level I read John Milton’s Epic Poem Paradise Lost. For my Philosophy MA Dissertation I concentrated on this Poem by writing an essay titled ‘John Milton’s Arianism and Theodicy in Paradise Lost.’ Reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost woke me up to the reality of Satanism, and how intellectualism was how Satan justified himself. The first time you read it you sympathise with him, but as you become more accustomed to the plot, you begin to see gaps and flaws in every one of his arguments. When this happens for the reader, it begins to dawn on you what Satan actually is, how he is everywhere and in everyone. The Revelation is that Satan’s nature is revealed to you as deceptive and intellectual: and in the modern world it doesn’t seem to have not left its stain on anything.

Through studying Milton (who was a Heretic, even according to his Stuart Period Protestant King murdering standards) I came to understand Arianism, Catholic Trinitarianism and the difference between Orthodox and Catholic conceptions of the Trinity. This is when I began reading simple books on Orthodoxy like those by Andrew Louth (Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology) and Kallistos Ware (The Orthodox Church).

This is also when I first contacted my now Father, because a fellow student who was doing his Dissertation on Byzantium knew an Orthodox Priest who could help me, and the Church he was Priest in was local. Through meeting that Priest (who is now my Father) I became interested in actually living as a Christian, rather than merely being an intellectual Christian (which is Satanic if it is only intellectual). I then attended whenever I could for about two years before I started bringing my girlfriend (now Fiancee) and seriously considering Baptism with her. And that is how, in a way, reading John Milton’s Epic Poem Paradise Lost got me on the path to Orthodoxy. My Fiancee and I are now Baptised and Chrismated, and are currently planning our Orthodox Wedding.
All Glory and Thanks must go to God Alone! May we Praise him unto the ages of ages!


To the Reader:
Have a Blessed day and may God Bless you and your Family.

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