Dear Reader,

When it comes to Virginity, finding a Wife/Husband, being unrepentant about one’s past conduct and basically being an extremely online etrad, it seems I have to make the same points over and over again, and in general not to Virgin men or even Virgin women, but to unrepentant older women and weak orbiter men.

Women, just like men, are corrupted, crippled, destructive and disgusting: we love women through transforming them into little Churches/Monasteries. We demand much of them, while they demand much of us: that is what Marriage and Monasticism are.

The modern young male has been and is utterly massacred by female culture, language, etc. You expect them to respect and love what the modern world refers to as women? No, what modern women are is not what a woman actually is nor what women are called to be.

These young men want women to marry and to love, but they do not want what the modern woman is: AND THAT IS GOOD!

Look at how a single weakness, a single gap is shown, and they widen the gap and come out of the woodwork. Pathetic feminine behaviour, like herding cats:

Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 18.14.14

And lo and behold, the incel word is used to widen the gap, and who fills the gap in order to ensure maximum feminine damage is achieved: a weak male.

Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 18.14.22

And attacking men for being involuntary celibates? Really? You are attacking men who want companionship, marriage, and children but cannot get that because of the modern state of women? You blame men for women not picking them because the culture is so corrupt?

All of women’s mistakes are men’s fault? Rubbish! Do you ever attack females who are still virgins because no man wants them? Because they are mentally ill? No, you defend them. The same thing in men is mercilessly attacked by the culture of today and even Christian women

What happens when someone like me brings this up? I am accused of hating women, being immature/young, of being an incel, of being a virgin full of hate, of being the kind of man who will always be alone – who else says such things? The modern culture. Christian women, wake up.

I am a 28 year old who has voluntarily became celibate for the sake of my future marriage. I am engaged, and both of us are observing celibacy until marriage. We repent for our past sins, our mistakes, I will never EVER defend my past conduct: I was wrong, I repent! The Porn I watched, the relationships I had: I regret and repent of them all: true repentance does not ever defend our past sinful conduct, but condemns it!

I have met Virgin women of many ages, and all are worthy of Marriage, they exist. I have met Virgin men of many ages, and all are worthy of Marriage, they exist. No Virgin should have to settle for anything less than a fellow Orthodox Virgin, and if they settle for less: that is their choice only. But they should not be lectured by unrepentant older women and very online trad egirls that they should settle for less.

And it almost always comes out that these kind of women who attack male virgins do so while holding their sins behind their back: they do not attack young men to correct them, but to avoid correction themselves.

Here are two articles where I have already addressed these points but in different ways.

Here is my article on Repentance:

And my Article on Correcting out of Love:
Correction out of Love.


To the Reader:
Have a Blessed day and may God Bless you and your Family.

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