On the Apostle Stephen the Protomartyr and Antisemitism.

Dear Reader, A blue check-marked Twitter handle was attacking one of the Apostles for antisemitism. These are her Tweets: https://twitter.com/dianabutlerbass/status/1210278154432065536 https://twitter.com/dianabutlerbass/status/1210280963869159424 I replied: Did you forget the bit where the Jews Stoned him to death? Read this Jewish commentary on the NT for a completely fair judgement by the very people who rejected Christ, and … Continue reading On the Apostle Stephen the Protomartyr and Antisemitism.

Suffering and Evil.

Dear Reader, When asked why God allows Evil/the problem of suffering, I use the Parable of The Wheat and the Tares (Matthew 13:24-30). Where a man sowed good seeds, but weeds (tares) were planted by an enemy. When asked by his servant if the weeds should be pulled up, he says: 'No, lest while you … Continue reading Suffering and Evil.

Virginity and the Modern Woman.

Dear Reader, When it comes to Virginity, finding a Wife/Husband, being unrepentant about one's past conduct and basically being an extremely online etrad, it seems I have to make the same points over and over again, and in general not to Virgin men or even Virgin women, but to unrepentant older women and weak orbiter … Continue reading Virginity and the Modern Woman.

Orthodox Pilgrimage to Saint Winefride’s Well. (05/10/2019)

Dear Reader, We just got back from our first Pilgrimage. We went to Saint Winefride's Well in Holywell, Flintshire, Wales. She was an early Saint who was executed for rejecting a local prince's advances, she was beheaded as a virgin, and a well was miraculously sprung where her head landed, she was then later resurrected … Continue reading Orthodox Pilgrimage to Saint Winefride’s Well. (05/10/2019)

Philosophy does not save.

Dear Reader, My background is in Philosophy, and I struggled with this for about five years. These TradCaths used to have my sympathy, but they walk with Aristotle stuck in their ears: if you do struggle with Intellectual Paganism, please read Saint Gregory Palamas's Philosophy does not save. On why Orthodox commentators keep using Barlaam … Continue reading Philosophy does not save.